Résumé thèse Johann Pancrace

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Coupled Heating/Forming Optimization of Knitted Reinforced Composites.


Johann Pancrace - 06/08/2013

Coupled Heating/Forming Optimization of Knitted Reinforced Composites A study of thermoforming has been investigated for knitted reinforced flexible composites. Both the heating phase and the forming phase have been investigated through experimental work and simulations. Optimization can be reached through simulations for both phases. The feasibility is proven. However, a special care has to be given regarding the interface between the reinforcement and the matrix. The IR heating phase is characterized and optimized through simulations. The forming phase has been studied and characterized through traction, pur shear and biaxial deformation. Direct stiffness, Finite Element and cloth-like simulations on those loading have been carried out. Deformations for axial loading are found anisotropic unlike for pur shear and biaxial loading that are isotropic.