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Academic calendar for Engineering Diploma program

L3 students:

The autumn semester begins in the first week of September and ends at the end of January. An internship of 4 weeks is compulsory in February. The spring semester starts beginning of March and ends at the end of June.  

M1 students:

The autumn semester begins in the first week of September and ends in late February. The spring semester begins in early March and ends on April 30, followed by an internship of 4 months until end of August.

M2 students:

The autumn semester begins in the first week of September and ends at the end of February. There is no academic spring semester for M2 students, instead they continue on with an internship until end of July (final project).

Breaks and holidays:

  • one week early November,
  • two weeks end of December and early January
  • one week in February (for M1 students only).
  • and one week in April (for L3 students only).

Academic calendar for international Master of Science programs

Each of the international Master of Science programs specifies yearly its academic calendar. However, the fall semester starts generally at the very beginning of September.

Albi French Summer School calendar

The classes start on first Monday of July and end after 8 weeks of courses, on late August.


Students coming from the European Union may be able to benefit from financial aid when participating in an exchange program. For further information ask the international relations department of your own university

Non E-U students should contact the cultural center in the French embassy of their home country. Scolarships are available but allocation is the French embassy's decision only. Students should also ask their home university if any is available.

Eiffel French Government Excellence Scholarship: approx. 1,200 € per month for 2 years.

• Bilateral programs: according to your country.

• Scholarships offered by different international programs or organizations: ONU, UNESCO, OTAN, AUF…

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