My experience at Mines Albi as student in the International Master program AeroMat-Innovation

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Wilfried Totzo Fogaing
My experience at Mines Albi as student in the International Master program AeroMat-Innovation



Who are you and what is your background?

My name is Wilfried Totzo Fogaing. I come from Ukraine, I was born in Cameroon.
I am a fresh graduate from the National Aerospace University – Kharkiv Aviation Institute.
I got my Master of Engineering major in Aircraft Maintenance. Additionally, I have been professionally active during the last three years in sectors of activities such as aviation, telecommunications, sales and marketing. In the industry, they say that I have a polyvalent profile. In these words, I was looking for a study program who could bring more values to my skills and abilities. The structure of the double degree program
Master Aero-Mat Innovation perfectly met my expectations.

What made you choose to study the master Aero-Mat-Innovation of Mines Albi?

It is vital for future actors of the Aerospace and Management to have topnotch skills with emphasis to Innovation. In these words, numerous of facts have played as incentives to join Mines Albi. Firstly, the advantageous location of the institution in the South region of France. Because its favorable climate, economy and lifestyle in comparison to others cities in the metropolitan. Secondly, I call this place the village of Airbus because we study and live nearby the headquarter of the biggest Aircraft Manufacturer in Europe. More importantly, the possibility to visit while studying in Paris during the second semester. Lastly, this program’s beam emphasis on contemporary and innovative methods, technics, processes, related to Aerospace, Space and Management with interveners and lecturers coming from key-player organizations all around the world such as Airbus, Institute Clement Ader (ICA), Hexcel, Liebherr Aerospace and Thales. One can therefore easily depict the significant values offered by the cognition with respect to Aero-Mat-Innovation.

What do our international students think of Mines Albi?

For centuries, the “made in France” is well recognized worldwide. One illustration is certainly when it comes to welcome a guess. In these words, Mines Albi make a great spread for every international student. In a short span of time, foreigners enrolled can feel comfortable and find their way in the campus. Students from abroad at Mines Albi, are impressed by the dedication each department of the administration has to provide high quality scholar experience and should they have any inquiry even on the extra-scholar plan, they know they will get lighted-up approaching the international department or during lectures and practical work provided. They make sure that theories and practices rhythm each step in your path toward graduation. That been said, visits at companies, researches in laboratories and seminars are frequently organized to sustain the lectures.

What would you tell to other international students who are thinking about studying at Mines Albi ?

For future students interested to join this international master program, the main incentive that I’d recommend is the willing to learn. Whereas passion is sometimes recommended, it is also easy to feel the passion that professionals have at this institute during their duty and one can easily enjoy it. That been said, the desire to learn and the passion act as the belt and suspenders approach any new coming student will develop. In my opinion, if you are eager for a program which can immerse you in a professional context of your choice while enhancing your devotion and ambition, the international master Aero-mat Innovation is unexampled.