International student

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Every year students from all over the world come to study at Mines Albi. We are proud to welcome and help them during their stay at our school.

Be an international student at Mines Albi

The International department assists international incoming students during their admission procedure. On arrival they are welcomed by the staff and by the student association “EmacWorld” that designates a volunteer engineering student who will act as a buddy figure, offering support and advice. The information concerning the exchange procedure are given in the fact sheet.

International students are guided by the school’s staff through administrative hurdles such as opening a bank account, obtaining insurance coverage, clearing immigration and residence formalities, etc.

Each student is assigned a professor whom they meet regularly to discuss openly their progress. These discussions give students the opportunity to bring up and solve any difficulties they may be facing.

French language

A minimum level of French language proficiency is required for living in France. Currently, most lectures of the program Engineering Diploma (“Grande école”) are given in French at Mines Albi but the number of English taught courses is increasing. However, Master of Science programs for international students are opened, taught totally in English.

Students have the opportunity to take part in an intensive French language and culture course during the summer break before starting school/the academic year. The “Albi French Summer School”, daily during July and August, offers this program.

All the international students continue with a half-day of French culture and language training every week with the objective of obtaining a certificate at the end of their studies.

Discover France and its culture

The University of Toulouse welcomes foreign students to take part in friendly, organized excursions to discover the region’s heritage. They also offer to pair up international students and French families, for those wishing to experience a cross-cultural exchange.