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What is the French "Grande Ecoles d'Ingénieurs"?

Since the 18th century, the "Grandes Ecoles" (French Engineering universities) have educated and trained most of the managers and executives from the French industry and business as well as politics, scientifics and economists. As generalist and multidisciplinary schools, the students receive a broad education in Engineering, Management, Languages and Human Sciences.

They are higher educational institutions that are prestigious and have an extremely selective admission policy. Naturally, they are highly sought after by many large companies around the world. There are around 250 different engineering universities in France. The most prestigious of which are certified by the CTI (commission des titres de l'ingénieur). This body is responsible for the accreditation of French universities in the field of engineering.

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Characteristics of the Grandes Ecoles
The Grades Ecoles are small to medium size institutions that are highly selective, provide high quality education and maintain close ties with the corporate world


Become an engineer "à la française"

As a "French Grande Ecole" of engineering, Mines Albi offers an outstanding range of programs to fit your needs, talent and goals. Our undergraduate students are admitted at L3 or M1 level and our Engineering Diploma is delivered at the end of M2 year.

Our Engineering, Master of Science and PhD programs provide a high level of scientific and managerial training to develop socially responsible leaders poised for the challenges of a dynamic and unsettled world.

The French studies organization


A Master is 2 years course (= 4 semesters) and 120 ECTS ( European credit transfer)
Master 1st  year (M1) : 2 semesters - 60 ECTS
Master 2nd year (M2) : 2 semesters - 60 ECTS